We are an all volunteer organization that provides food and services to the homeless of Orange County.

    Donations from individuals, churches, and small businesses are the lifeblood of our support. Any amount from you would go to great use.

    Feeding an average of 200 people daily isn't easy. It takes hardworking volunteers, who deeply care and are driven to make a difference.


Map To Mary's Kitchen

------------------------   Monday Through Saturday   ------------------------
  • Breakfast
    9am - 10am
  • Hot Lunch
    1pm - 2pm
  • Showers
    9am - 12pm
On Thursday All Donated Clothes Are Distributed
Cleaning Help Needed
The volunteers who serve meals also perform daily cleanings. They do a great job. However, in addition to them, we also need people who are reliable and motivated to thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms each week.
Mary's Kitchen Story

The Mary's Kitchen Story

In 1984, an 82 year old Mary McAnena, founder of Mary’s Kitchen helped a homeless woman in Hart Park, Orange, California. She found her calling and dedicated herself in any way possible to help those less fortunate. Mary’s dream soon became a reality and Mary’s Kitchen was born.

Mary’s home became the headquarters of a communal effort to give. Her small four-burner stove had never seen such traffic as volunteers helped with cooking. They transported food to Hart Park and served the men, women, and children who were homeless and in dire need. In 1994, ten years later, the Kitchen moved to its temporary home on 517 West Struck Ave in Orange, California.

Mary’s Kitchen is powered by hard working volunteers who deeply care. Financial support is provided by way of donations from individuals, students, churches, local corporations/small businesses, and grocery stores. MORE >>